August 23, 2002
DNA pub to DNA lounge

Attended the EFF do at the DNA lounge last night. Only person wearing a tie. Doubtless suspected of being a music industry lawyer, but then again, I get that on UK-Crypto too. Tie eventually removed and concealed in someone's laptop case.

Seth Schoen was spending the entire evening not using words containing the letter `e', as part of some challenge involving lunch with Robin Gross. Robin, however was dressed up as a purple dinosaur and being beaten up by Wil Wheaton, who beforehand gave a barnstorming speech to much applause. The combination of celebrities, ridiculous theatre, stand-up comedy, goofy dinosaurs and large numbers of conventionally attractive women confirmed just how many light years the West Coast geek activism scene is removed from the UK. Great music, too. :)

Some pictures of the event are now available. Link.

The Barney purple dinosaur franchise is truly awful, especially their appropriation of the "This Old Man" tune.

I love you
You love me
PAC have got VD
Cognac, Armagnac, Burgundy and Beaune....

.. at least, that's what I seemed to be singing

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