SRCF: Formalism

SRCF: Formalism

The SRCF should re-adopt formalism. The long-term cost of running the SRCF is reduced when people (members of the SRCF, and members of its Committee) can look back on minutes from previous meetings and see what was going on. It's much easier to hit some troublemaker with the Constitution if you've been scrupulously obeying it yourself, which includes inviting the Senior Treasurer to meetings and all the other dull formalities.

I defy anyone to come up with a convincing argument as to why it is advantageous no to know the basis on which the SRCF is effectively hosted for free by CUSU, and whether CUSU (or whoever) could kick the SRCF out at a moment's notice. The agreement should be public, and should be appropriately renewed and re-ratified with each change of personnel. The authority by which CUSU and the SRCF concluded the agreement should be easy to determine.

Doing things by email, and not minuting AGMs, frustrates this.

If fixing this means doing some archaeology to resurrect minutes of previous AGMs and Committee meetings, so be it.

A particularly beneficial development would be consciously working out precisely how the Constitution empowers the Terms of Service (and so on), and who is empowered to update them.