SRCF: New Procedures

SRCF: New Procedures

There are a couple of routine procedures the SRCF should establish, which currently don't seem to exist:

Membership Administration

Every year the "purge all users" script seems to get written anew. Really this is several things rolled into one:

  • given a list of members, determine who should have access to the CUDN (e.g., from the CS via CUSU), taking into account special cases such as the Hardcastles and Bolchovers of this world
  • warn users in advance that they're going to get zapped
  • actually do the purge of an individual user (non-trivial, getting them out of cron and the filesystem etc whilst letting their email forwarding work but not execute any code, etc, etc)

The analogue for societies suffers from the fact that the first stage, the enumeration of extant societies, is much more expensive to do and largely cannot be undertaken programmatically.